Construct your own community network with WaveShark.  Call it an "alternet" or Citizen Infrastructure or whatever you'd like; WaveShark enables people to build their own local wireless networks.  WaveShak's unique Open Platform technology means that whole new applications, protocols, and even smart phone apps can be built on top of a WaveShark network.

Stop relying on the big telecommunications and Internet companies.  Stop allowing your privacy to be violated by invasive smart phone and Internet tracking.  Take networking back into your own hands.

These networks don't just have to be used for text messaging, either.  Connect a Raspberry Pi to your local WaveShark network and build your own form of social networking.  Construct forums, build your own local Craigslist, or provide broadcast alerts within your neighborhood.

The below graphic shows two hypothetical alternets connected via WaveShark Internet bridges.  WaveShark Internet bridges could be easily constructed by connecting a WaveShark and Raspberry Pi, computer, or microcontroller to an Internet connection.  Severing the Internet connection would leave the two individual alternets otherwise fully intact.

Alternets example