U.S. manufacturing

WaveShark Communicators awaiting completion

One of the requirements we had in mind when designing the WaveShark Communicator was a major emphasis on U.S. manufacturing, both in the parts and the labor that we use.

While it would be much cheaper to produce these devices using all international parts and labor, that does not align with our values.  We want to see a resurgence in U.S. manufacturing.  We believe that many of our customers will be pleased to pay more for a product when they know that they're directly supporting U.S. manufacturing jobs.

All of our assembly and device testing is done in the U.S using skilled U.S. labor.  We place an emphasis on working with Veteran-Owned Small Businesses where possible and one of the major WaveShark Communicator assembly roles is indeed performed by a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.

Additionally, many of our main components are purchased from U.S. manufacturers, often at great additional cost.

While not all of the WaveShark Communicator components can be purchased from U.S. companies, either because they are simply not available here or because they are too expensive for us at this juncture, it is our intention to continue to purchase more and more of these components from U.S. manufacturers.