App Privacy

WaveShark app privacy policy


The WaveShark app for Android and iOS does not collect any personal information about users and does not connect to any Internet addresses to transmit any sort of information about our users whatsoever.  The WaveShark app is 100% privacy focused and minimizes collection of data about you or transmission of data about you to anywhere on the Internet.  The WaveShark app was designed from the ground-up to be "non-Internet" and "non-Cloud."  To the best of our knowledge, the only data about you that could possibly be transmitted on the Internet because of the WaveShark app is information that is intrinsically collected by Google or Apple, and this would be the same for allpossible apps.

Location data

The WaveShark app for Android and iOS uses location data only in the sense that it must be provided with access to Bluetooth in order to communicate with the WaveShark Communicator device.  However, we will never send your location data over the Internet and will never store it on any servers.

Last revised 2022-05-25